Tania Jany Brown working in her studioI love creating because it is intuitive, playful invention that grows from a ‘dialogue’ between my memories and senses.

Nature and the cycle of seasons are rich sources of inspiration. Walks in the countryside and tending to my garden and small woodland are opportunities to forage for ideas. Colour, pattern, texture and the architecture of living things frequently feature or are starting points for many of my designs.

The questions that I keep coming back to are: What is the quality that attracts? Why does it induce emotional responses? Is it a personal or primal universal connection? Through drawing, painting, printmaking and small sculptural pieces I seek to understand and reveal layers of response – from immediate to those projected via reflection and imagination.

If you’d like to purchase artwork you’ve seen here or would like to discuss a commission please contact me via email at taniajanybrown@live.co.uk